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Stop Believing the Lies...

A lot of people feel that being a star is something you either have or you don’t! 

Have you ever had that feeling?

Have you ever felt like you just don’t have “IT”!

Whatever “IT” is?

You want to get your name out there, but you feel like you don’t have that “something” 

that makes people want to follow you.

I feel you! It’s not all about the fame! Sometimes you want to create an impact!

You Want The Lifestyle Fame Can Provide.

But let’s keep it 100, wouldn’t it be amazing to leave your mark on this world!
Now, let me ask you a personal question! Have you ever thought fame would be a hassle to deal with?

Nobody wants to build a lifestyle where they can’t live their life the way they would want.

You may think you would have all eyes on you, and you would have to live a life appealing to other’s eyes while still trying to live how you want.

To be honest, life is too precious to sit around waiting for somebody’s approval.

Being widely known for all your character flaws and mistakes is insufferable!

You may think becoming well known, what you say, and the way you think will be widely analyzed and criticized!

You might be thinking you will quickly gain hate, and envy from certain friends and family.

And you look around the internet and see people who are not as passionate as you, or creative as you are talking about things that don’t really matter.

What’s worse, they seemed to have everyone listening to them!

It can all be so frustrating to watch.

To make matters worse, social media can be confusing with all the different platforms and networks to learn. 

Without a step by step, how-to guide, it can feel almost impossible to build momentum and get the ball rolling.

You deserve to be paid more respect...

but the harsh truth is that nowadays people are respected by how well they can display who they are online
If you have a business, products won’t sell!
If you have a blog, the posts will go unread!
If you want people to listen to your music, streams won’t get played
If you want to be in the spotlight, you’ll be passed up for somebody with a higher follower count.
Not to mention, feeling like a failure because no one is paying attention or worse, you feel lame because nobody seems to care about what you post.
It can feel like people don’t love you, and not only that, your romantic relationships will suffer.
You will be passed over for the highest quality romantic relationships that should be yours simply because they don’t know who you are.
And how exactly are you supposed to get started if you don’t have a bunch of followers? 

A lot of information is geared towards huge accounts who already have a massive following.

What they don’t teach you is how to build a tribe that can create influence for whatever you want to do.

Worst of all, many of the people online have done unethical things to become famous. They have compromised who they are just for a chance at the spotlight.

You Don’t Have to Sell Your Soul to Become Famous.

The internet has changed everything! Now you can become famous for everything from playing video games to a self-published musician.
Best of all you can do it your way.

Now, imagine what it would be like if you could build influence using your personality and not some made-up character that isn’t authentic to you!

Earlier on, I asked you the question have you ever felt like you didn’t have “IT”!

And shortly I’m going to show you that anyone can have “IT”!

You just don’t understand the principles that create influence… yet!
But before I get to that…

There something I need you to know!

I’m not going to have you buying followers just to pretend you have clout. You won’t be using any automation software that Instagram or any social media platform could deactivate and leave your account broken.

And most importantly...

You won’t have to compromise who you are, join a crazy cult, or drink blood from the head of a goat to create fame.

You might be wondering, how do I know this?

Well, I’m going to tell you how I went from stocking panties at Forever 21 to moving into a $1.3 million home and being one of the most influential people in my city.

It wasn’t that long ago I arrived at my college campus and was a nobody!

Just like most freshmen in college I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. In fact, the only thing I did know is I wanted to do something major and I would need a lot of people to do it.

But how was I supposed to become well known and influence people.

I didn’t know the first thing about becoming popular or gaining fame. However, unknown to me, something special was about to happen that changed my life forever.

I was working at a retail store when a friend of mine introduced me to a new app. You might have heard of it, it’s called Instagram.

When I saw how many people you can reach right from your phone…

A light bulb when off!

I knew right away that I had to learn everything I could about these social media platforms.

I Was About to Learn THE A.B.C’S OF INFLUENCE!

So, I tried everything, I did follow and unfollow, shout for shout, commenting on top influencers post, Instagram automation, and following the people in my niche.

You name it I tried it.

But if they came to my page at all, they would just see my content and leave.

They simply didn’t care!

I didn’t have that “something” that made people want to follow.

Call it desperation or fate, but at that moment I realized I needed to do something shocking to get people’s attention.

To be fair, using those strategies I had built a small following, but what happened next was about to skyrocket my success.

This is how influencers are built…

I was scrolling through Snapchat watching my friends do outrageous stuff. Snapchat deleted a post after 24 hours, so people tended to be loose on their network.

But as I watched all this content. I thought what if I put all this shocking content in one place and became the face of it!

So, I created a group on Snapchat called UNCUTT!

This group was a place where people could post shocking content. Everything from fights to adult content was there.

Here’s the secret, it was tied together by a unified vision and a set of principles.
Principles that are easy to duplicate and learn!

The group exploded; everybody was talking about it. I couldn’t walk down the street without people shouting, “Hey there goes UNCUTT C.E.O. We had everything from d-boys, cops, lawyers, college professors, the city’s top influencers, and all the local rappers locked in!

Things began moving fast...

Snapchat had a limitation of 5000 people per group, so I began getting my friends together so they could create pages too.
I taught them a simple set of principles and they started building influence JUST LIKE I DID!
We ended up having 30 pages and reaching over 300,000 people across the globe in less than 6 months.

We were on top of the world and it seemed like nothing could stop my meteoric rise, and then…

The Unthinkable Happened ...

SNAPCHAT changed their algorithm and overnight the entire UNCUTT crashed and burned.

My empire had crumbled. However, there was a silver lining in this story.

You see I had lost UNCUTT, but not before helping me grow my Instagram by 50,000 followers, developing a system to help train influencers, and learning some very valuable business lessons like…
  • I had learned the principles that created influence, so no matter the platform I could build a following. This means I would no longer need to worry about a new platform emerging because this worked everywhere.
  • How a unified message could create a mass movement in record time, so I could quickly assemble other people to help my content spread like wildfire which means that you build influence in a fraction of the time
  • How to make content that people actually care about, so when they hit your page they are coming back for more which means you unlock that “something” -- that “IT” factor--- that makes people keep coming back.
And that was just the beginning!

After that, I would team up with one of my business mentors and this is when I began to turn up!

We created products, built courses, crashed and burned and studied influencers for over 2 years to finally uncover ...


A bulletproof method anyone could use to gain massive influence and fame regardless of background, platform, or current follower count.

Imagine when people see your profile, work, and circle of friends it speaks for you.

Really think about it, when you walk through the door your reputation and work will do all the talking!

Just picture capturing the minds, hearts and souls of audiences from different backgrounds and walks of life and adding to their human experience and soul’s journey!

This is Priceless

Imagine being able to show someone another way to live and thrive! 

See yourself meeting interesting people, being admired by adoring fans, changing the course of people’s lives with your ideas, making an impact and giving something valuable back to this world.

You’ll have fans you’ve influenced and inspired, you’ll be at the best parties, you’ll be invited to travel to the best destinations and all the good stuff in between.

Imagine the respect and VIP treatment you’ll receive! Just picture being the most interesting person in the room everywhere you go.

See yourself skipping lines at clubs, being gifted expensive clothing, jewelry, and even merchandise.

Imagine being flown across the world to speak to crowds of raving fans. You’ll be asked to appear on podcasts, interviews, and be a brand ambassador for major corporations.

Your friends won’t recognize you. You’ll be living a life they can only dream about. The celebrities they are worshiping will be your friends in real life.

Feel the sense of adventure and freedom from creating something that is unique to you. See yourself getting the respect you deserve and impacting the world the right way with your influence.

Most importantly you’ll finally have that “SOMETHING” that makes people want to follow you.

Here’s the truth! People are influential because they have a framework that creates fame and influence.

Big corporations and influencers understand this, but they definitely are not going to give away their bread and butter to you.

Knowing this makes me angry! Can I be honest? I would feel like a selfish a**hole if I didn’t share this information. 

This is the exact frameworks I was using to create influencers in my city like a factory!

And Unlike other courses, the influencer will give you practical tools, so you won't be in awe of celebrities because you are about to learn how influence is actually built.

Most importantly, you won’t have to sacrifice who you are.

Okay, you’re probably thinking about all the negative drawbacks to fame.

The problem is people don’t know how to develop the mindset for fame.

It’s like training for the gym. The truth of the matter is if you understand how to build “THE INFLUENCER MINDSET”, which I’m about to teach you, you will know how to deal with your success.

Inside this course, I outline 17 Immutable laws that you can start applying immediately to...

  • Start a mass movement of followers for whatever you want (Don’t use for evil)
  • ​Train your audience to purchase products and services from you
  • ​Build social skills that help you build influence online and offline
  • ​Build The Mental Toughness You need to Handle Fame
  • ​Target the right people so you can build fame while staying true to yourself
  • GET a lot more people following you on any social media platform.

I’ll even give you my step by step strategy on how to build your profiles that automatically hardwire the principles of influence into each post which means every profile you build on any platform will bring followers raining down.

Not to mention, I’m going to give you exercises that will hold your hand to make sure you implement the material presented in this course.

The material here is supported by research, personal trial and error, and studying my influencer friends directly to bring you the secrets within these videos.

Here are just a few of the benefits, you’ll get inside this course. ..

  • 20 + Easily Digestible HD Videos explained in plain English so you can understand how to build influence the right way 
  • For your convenience the course is taught fast-paced and entertaining so you don’t have to spend hours reading any boring books.
  • A Step by Step Explanation by an Actual Influencer so you learn strategies that have been tested and not just a bunch of theory.
  • The 17 Immutable Laws That Teach You a Bulletproof Strategy To Building Influence Anywhere.
  • 17 Simple Exercises So you can make being an Influencer as effortless as breathing (A Detailed Exercise After Each Law) 
  • A Simple Technique That Will Teach You How to Communicate Like An Influencer so You Will Captivate an Audience and Have That “IT” Factor! (Law #6: Video Time - 5:21)
  • A Blueprint To Create Irresistible Content So Every Post Has that “Something” That keeps people glued to your profile (Law #11: Video Time - 13:43)
  • I’m Going to show you How to Build The “INFLUENCER MINDSET” So You Have The Mentality To Deal With Success and Criticism (Law #2: Video Time - 4:17)
  • Proven Ways To Build a Massive Following Based on Your Personality So You Never Have to Be Fake or Cap To Build Fame and Influence (Law #3: Video Time - 1:01)
  • My Sure Fire Method To Pick The Right Audience So You Can Eventually Convert Fans To Dollars (Law #3: Video Time - 5:06)
  • I’ll Help You Become an Authority in Your Niche So People Will Only Want To Listen To What You Have to Say In Your Industry (Law #10: Video Time - 2:52)
  • The Easiest Way To Attract People like a Magnet So Everyone You Meet Online or In Person is Starstruck When They See You (Law #6: Video Time - 2:08)
  • The Fastest Way To Get Your Name Out There So You Are Constantly Being Seen By New People (BONUS: How To Run Ads) 
  • The Real Keys To Becoming A Person People Can’t Forget so They Hang On Your Every Word and Become Your Tribe (Law #5: Video Time - 1:09)
  • Discover The Secrets To Capturing Content That Will Keep Your Audience Engaged and Telling Their Friends About You (Law #17: Video Time - 7:11)
  • A Simple Technique That Will Get You More Followers Even If You Don’t Already Have A Popping Instagram (Law #12: Video Time - 6:09)
  • A Way To Get Guaranteed Engaged Followers So The People Who Follow You Actually Comment, Like, and Share Your Content (Law #14: Video Time - 0:46)
  • The One Mistake You Must Avoid If You Want To Be An Influencer (And How To Eliminate it Law #17: Video Time - 0:54)
  • The Secret Weapon To Create Impact So You Are Making Meaningful Content That Will Inspire Your Audience… Even if You Feel Like You Have Nothing Valuable to Say (Law #4: Video Time - 1:16)
  • Gain Instant Access To A community Of Like-Minded Influencers So You Can Create Alliances and Build Your Online Empire (Exclusive Mastermind Group)
  • And So Much More...

I’m sorry, I got a little ahead of myself...

Hi, My name is DJ. Edmond or as I’m better known, countrycowboyy. I have amassed a large following on multiple social media platforms but most importantly I have learned the art of influence.

I’m not bragging but here are just a few ways influence has changed my life

  • I routinely party with famous celebrities and MC the biggest clubs in my city
  • ​Many of the influencers you follow are my close personal friends
  • ​I’ve created products that have grossed 6-figures
  • ​I never pay to get in clubs, in fact I never wait in line or even get stopped at the door!
  • ​My friends and family pay me with respect when they see me
  • ​I get constant love from people in my city
  • ​I’m no longer worried about how to make money
  • ​I’ve dated supermodels and celebrities (And you wouldn’t believe my DM’s)
  • ​I am routinely gifted things just because I’m an influencer.
  • ​It’s almost impossible to list all the benefits I’ve gained from influence!

And with the right steps, you can do it too!

Influence Is The New Currency So It’s Time You Start Building Your Account




Still not convinced it’s time to become an influencer?

In a recent study conducted by BigCommerce, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, they listed the 10 Most Important Influencer Marketing Statistics for 2019 which shows how powerful influencers have become.
  • 65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2019 which means influencers will be able to set their own salary.
  • The most common influencer budget is $1,000 – $10,000/year, followed by $100,000 – $500,000/year which means becoming an influencer is one of the most reliable vehicles to becoming wealthy (If you know how it’s done)
  • 17% of companies spend over half of their marketing budget on influencers so there is no shortage of money available for people who know how to build influence.
  • 89% say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels which means companies see influencers as the best way to market their products. (In other words, influencers are in high demand)
  • Instagram ranks #1 for the most important and impactful channel which means it’s important to learn how to capitalize on this market trend so you can be a part of the money train)
  • Snapchat is the least preferred channel for influencer marketing which means that platforms are always coming and going so you need to learn how to build influence on any platform. (Heck, I told you what happened to me on Snapchat earlier)
  • ​Over ⅔ of marketers will spend the most on Instagram which means millions of dollars are being pushed to Instagram every day which means you can grab your piece of the pie.
  • ​Instagram posts are the most used format of influencer marketing which means you need to learn the methods to create compelling content that will attract companies to your page (We teach this in Law #12)
  • Instagram stories are the second most used format, followed by YouTube videos and Instagram videos which means if you create a great story you will be able to print money (We Got You Covered in Law #17)
  • Twitch Live stream ranks as the least used channel which means don’t depend on any one platform to create your online empire, and the strategies we teach will make sure you don’t.

Influencers will continue to make more money, create more impact, and have access to the highest quality people because they know how to show their personality online.

There has never been a better time to become an influencer. If you want to build your status and be respected by your friends and family, if you want to make money from just making post and have brands giving you free stuff just for the opportunity to be seen on your page, if you want to be loved and adored by fans, make money from your personality, create impact, and shape the minds of the world then you need to Get The Influencer...


It’s more than a name, it’s a legacy

It’s time to start building your web of influence!

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  • Bonus Video : How To Run Ads (Use advertising to rapidly accelerate you success online)


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You’re at a crossroad…

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To the right, is failure, frustration and living knowing you are not living up to your full potential.

Choosing the right path will make all the difference.

There is an entire world that is waiting for you to influence them. People are being led in the wrong direction, ideas that can change the world are going unheard, and content that can improve the quality of people’s lives is not being realized because we’re waiting on you to create it.

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